iPad Typing Tricks. Part 3 of 3.


Shake your iPad! YES Do It! Learn all about why you should shake your iPad. Also learn about a really cool thing called Define.

Did I get your attention! I hope so because I really want to introduce you to a couple of very cool iPad typing features. The first of these involves shaking your iPad! Not too hard now! The other is a very powerful feature called Define. Read on!

Anyone who writes on an iPad or computer will at times do things by accident. By this I mean writing something silly or probably the more common one, deleting things by mistake and then wondering how to get it back. For this, we use the very well known "Undo" feature which is commonly part of word processing software. Apple on the other hand when designing the iPad have decided to make the Undo feature available always, not just when using a word processor. This is how we Undo on the iPad. There are in fact two ways. The first is via the keyboard. Simply tap the .?123 key and the key titled "undo" will appear. Touch this to undo. Further, if you then tap the #+= key, you can "redo". There is however an even more simple way to do all this. SHAKE YOUR iPad! A prompt will appear in front of you allowing you to undo whatever it was you just did. Give it a try now.

The second very cool feature I will discuss today is called "Define". Define is available at anytime you have words in front of you when using your iPad. Let's try a little example to show how this works. Open Safari and browse a website with some information on it. Wikipedia is good or any news website. I know that whenever I read websites like these, there are often words that I see and I think to myself "I really don't know what that word means! This where your iPad solves the problem for you! All you have to do is double tap a word. A box will appear giving you a few options. The most powerful option here is Define. Tapping Define will open another box. This one will open up on a dictionary entry of that word! Great huh? I think so.

So in this article, we have covered two really great iPad features. The first was the shake to Undo command, the second was the Define feature. I hope you get a lot out of them.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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