iPad Typing Tricks. Part 2 of 3.


Learn some great little known tricks on your iPad. Find the hidden apostrophe! Learn how to write long phrases with only a few letters.

iPad tips and tricks. This article covers more really handy to know typing tricks on the iPad. These tricks will work anytime you need to use the ipad's built in keyboard, regardless of the app you are using. In order to try these tricks for yourself, I do recommend opening an app that will allow you to do plenty of writing. One such app that all iPads have is Notes. We will be covering the hidden apostrophe and typing shortcuts. Read on!

So where is this hidden apostrophe you are asking! Well the truth is there are many hidden keys, some of which were covered in an article that I wrote some time ago. I chose to focus on the hidden apostrophe specifically today because it is just SO USEFUL! I don't know about you but having to type Shift then find and select the apostrophe symbol is just a little to slow, especially for a character that is used so often! Luckily, the iPad has a quicker way to do it. Try this. Press and hold the ,! key located just to the right of the letter M. You will immediately see an apostrophe pop up just above the key. If you now simply slide your finger up and over the apostrophe then let go, the apostrophe will appear within your text. It's that simple! It will speed up your typing.

Moving on now to another great typing feature on the iPad. Using Shortcuts. Shortcuts are what we use to write something long, abbreviated to only a few letters. A classic example is "omg" meaning "oh my God!". To set up your own Shortcuts, go to Settings then General then touch Keyboards. Scroll to the bottom and you will see Add New Shortcut. Touch this. Your iPad will now ask for the Phrase and the Shortcut. In the previous example, the Phrase is "oh my God" and the Shortcut is "omg". I find this feature extremely handy. For example, I have "ipad" as a shortcut for "iPad". It sounds so simple, but because I write the word iPad a lot, I don't want to have to capitalise the the P all the time. Try different things and you will soon see why this feature is so good!

The hidden apostrophe and Shortcuts. Two great iPad typing features. Be sure to check out part 3 of iPad typing tricks due out soon.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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