iPad Typing Tricks. Part 1 of 3.


Master your iPad's keyboard with a few iPad keyboard tricks.

iPad tips and tricks. In this article we will be covering some very handy tricks involving the iPad's in built keyboard. One is a fairly basic function, that is, how to use the Caps Lock. The other is a fairly cool iPad trick that gives you the ability to punctuate very quickly! Read on!

Okay, now lets get started here. As I already mentioned, we'll start on something that is quite fundamental to keyboard use. That is, using Caps Lock. Caps Lock refers to ability of a keyboard to write everything in CAPITAL LETTERS! On the iPad's keyboard this is done by using what is commonly referred to as the Shift key. There are two Shift keys on the iPad keyboard, they are not labelled "Shift", but instead simply have an arrow on them pointing upwards. One tap of the Shift key will make the arrow go blue, then you tap a letter to make it capital. To get Caps Lock, you simply double tap one of the Shift keys. All letters that you write will be capitalised until you tap the shift key again. Just to remind you that you have Caps Lock active, your iPad will make the shift keys blue for the duration of Caps Lock use. Easy hey?

As promised, the second feature of this article is an iPad trick. Until I learned this little trick, I often found the iPad's keyboard to be a little frustrating to use whenever I was writing something that had a combination of letters, punctuation and numbers. This is because it slowed me down a lot when I had to tap the .?123 button to select a single number then tap the .?123 button again to get back to the letters. It might not sound too inconvenient but when you have to do it again and again, it can get a little annoying, especially when you are used to using a conventional keyboard. Alas the iPad has a solution and here it is.I call it "Easy Punctuation". I will use an example to show you what I mean. Lets say, you have to write dvd-to-iPad. The way to write this is to write "dvd" then tap and hold the .?123 key (for this example the left one is best) and simply slide your finger up to the "-" key, then let go! The - will appear in one keystroke! This makes writing dvd-to-iPad very quick! You can use this trick for all punctuation and numbers.

We have covered two important features of the iPad keyboard. Using Caps Lock and Easy Punctuation. Stayed tuned for part two of this four part series of articles covering iPad typing tricks.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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