iPad Tip: Quitting Multitasking Apps and Saving Space on Your iPad.


App running and you need it to quit? Learn how.

You will also learn how to get space back on your iPad.

iPad tip. In this article, we will be covering quitting multitasking apps and also how to free up memory on your iPad when its full.

Firstly, quitting multitasking apps. Multitasking apps are simply the apps that appear when you bring up the multitasking strip. This is most simply achieved by double clicking the home button. Try this now. You will see the apps that you most recently used. There will be pages and pages of apps here that you can scroll across to. Sometimes having these apps here can drain your battery prematurely. Also apps can sometimes become unresponsive. There is an option to remove these apps from the multitasking strip to help rectify the problem. To do this, press and hold one app that is within the multitasking strip. All the apps will wobble. Now you can simply delete whichever app you wish to by touching the minus symbol that is attached to each app. It is important to note here that the app is not deleted from your iPad, only from the multitasking strip. Sometimes apps won't load properly or shut themselves down or simply are not functioning properly in some way. Deleting the app from the multitasking strip will usually fix the problem. You can then go back to the Home Screen and reload the app if you wish.

The second part of this article is about saving space on your iPad. If you're starting to run out of space then this is a great tip for you. Go to Settings - General then touch Usage. You might have to wait ten or twenty seconds depending on how much you have in your iPad. Very soon a list of all the apps on your iPad will appear with the memory usage of each app next to it. By looking at this list you can see which apps are probably good to get rid of to try and free up some space, these of course would be the bigger apps especially the ones that you rarely use. Simply tap the app on the list and then you will be given the option to delete it. It is very important here to understand that this is not a permanent delete. This is only a delete from your iPad. Your iTunes account will still hold a record of your purchased apps and you can re-download them at any time. This is achieved by touching the App Store on your iPad and then selecting the Purchased tab. You can effectively manage storage on your iPad using this technique.

Quitting multitasking apps and managing space on you iPad are two handy features to help you manage your iPad. You will find both very useful.

Enjoy your iPad.

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