iPad Super Trick! The Deleting Swipe!


It's great to learn some cool new tricks on the iPad, so many of which are not even mentioned in the Apple iPad user guide! Today, the Deleting Swipe! A feature of the iPad Mail app.

iPad trick.

Quick survey: How much do you use the iPad Mail app? I bet it's lots! I know I sure do! The truth is, most people use this very handy app every time they use their iPad! What a good idea then to learn more about it. Introducing:

The Deleting Swipe.

That may not be its official name, I just made it up! But that is not really so important. What is important though is knowing how to use it. The truth is, there are many ways to delete emails on the iPad Mail app. The two main ones are:

Reading the email then touching the trash icon when you are done.

Looking through you inbox list, tapping edit, then selecting all of the emails that you don't want. Once you have done this, you can tap the red delete prompt at the bottom of the screen. Gone!

A third and not so well known way is the Deleting Swipe. It is perhaps the most intuitive in my view. This is how it works:

While looking through your inbox list, you can simply swipe your finger over the email header in list view. This will bring up a red delete box. Tap this box and then you are done! You will find that this is a super quick way to go through your inbox and get rid of all of your unwanted emails.

The Deleting Swipe. A great way to delete when using the iPad Mail app.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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