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Learn the best ways to be organized on your iPad.

Another great iPad tip. In this article, I will be talking about simple organizational features of the iPad. This includes moving and deleting apps, making folders and using the Dock which is the app collection at the bottom of the screen. These are all quite fundamentally important things to be able to do on your iPad.

iPad basics. Moving and deleting apps. If you have apps on your screen and you are not sure how to move or delete them, then this is how it is done. Press and hold an app. It will start to shake. You should now see a little cross appear. Just touch the cross and the app will be deleted. Some apps cannot be deleted, they are the ones that were already on your iPad when you bought it. These are apps like mail and calendar and notes as well as a few others. Any bought apps can be deleted. Whilst the app is wobbling, if you don't want to delete it, you can move it instead. To move an app, you simply slide it when wobbling to where you want it to be, then let go of it. Touching the Home button will then stop the wobbling. If you want the app to be on another screen, then simply slide the app all the way to the edge of the screen, the screen will then move and you are then able to place the app anywhere you want it.

You can make folders on your ipad containing up to twenty apps. To do this, simply press an app until it wobbles then drag it on top of another app. Try this now and you will see that your iPad creates a folder and your iPad will name it for you. You do have the option of changing the name of the folder. This can be done by pressing and holding the folder until it wobbles, then touch the name. You are now able to edit the folder name. When you want to add apps to a folder, you simply press an app until it wobbles, then drag it over the folder that you want it to be in. It will then appear inside that folder.

Lastly, the Dock. What is the Dock? The Dock is the name given to the collection of apps right at the bottom of the screen. These apps will not move away as you change pages. The intent here is that these are your commonly used apps and so they are always available. You can have up to six apps on the Dock.

We have gone through some important iPad fundamentals here. This information should help you manage everything on your iPad.

Enjoy your iPad.

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