iPad Mail Trick. How To Get Bold, Italics and Underline In Your Emails.


Yes, Mail is a great, handy app. But there are no formatting options. Wrong!

iPad trick.

Hello there. I just love the way the iPad reveals a new trick virtually every day! Learning all of the tips and tricks that an iPad can do is a great way to get so much more from your iPad.

Do you use the Mail app? I'm sure you do. It is a great way to keep in touch with everybody you know and it is generally very user friendly. In fact, most iPad users use the Mail app every single day! This surely is reason alone to explore some of the Mail app's great features and little tricks.

In this article, I will cover a super handy feature of the iPad's Mail app. This is the ability to format text within your email. By formatting, I am referring here to the ability to make text bold, italic or underlined. We have all seen this in other people's emails and even our own when we use a laptop or desktop computer to write our emails. But how can we achieve the same result when using our iPads?

Fortunately using formatting on the Mail app of the iPad is very easy as are most things on the iPad! To use this feature, all we have to do is the following.

Open the Mail app on your iPad.
Select the icon that allows you to write a new message. This is found in the top right hand corner of the screen.
Start writing some text in the body of your email.
Double click a word to select it then highlight everything that you want to format in a particular way. By this I mean, everything that you want bolded or everything you want italicised etcetera.

A box will now appear above the highlighted text. The right hand end of this box has an arrow. Touch this. You will now see the option to select bold, italics or underline. Tap this now to let you iPad know which one that you want. Select your choice.


Returning now to you email message you will see the text nicely formatting in the bold, italics or underline that you chose. All you have to do now is write the rest of your email.

As you have seen, using the formatting options on the iPad's Mail app is not too difficult an is in fact a very handy iPad trick. Luckily for us, there are many more tips and tricks when using the iPad's Mail app which I will cover in coming articles. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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