iPad Is a Great DVD Player.


The iPad is well known for the many incredible things it can do. It is not well known as a DVD player. The truth is that the iPad is a great DVD player...

The iPad's a very clever device. One of the things that it is very good at which has never been marketed by Apple is the fact that it can play DVDs and in fact it can store many DVDs in its memory. When you're out and about and travelling, you can watch TV shows, movies, anything you want. One of the reasons it hasn't been marketed for playing DVDs is because it does not have a disk drive. When I bought my first iPad I had no idea that it was in fact possible to watch a DVD on the iPad, this was something that I learned over time, in fact someone suggested it to me. I bought the product "DVD to iPad converter" and have since watched many DVDs on my iPad, in fact I now have an extensive library now of DVDs to watch which I simply upload or download to and from my iPad from my personal computer. It is quite simple to transfer TV shows and movies backwards and forwards between my computer and my iPad. One of the great advantages of being able to do this is something that you probably don't think about initially is that you can watch DVDs that you already have at home.

The kids love to watch movies. Anytime you go for a long drive, are travelling on the train or plane, maybe just waiting at a doctor's surgery. Kids at these times are often desperate for something to entertain them and being able to watch a DVD on the iPad is really handy. They can just sit there, browse their movies, they can stop, change movies play another one. It keeps them entertained. They have total control.

As a busy person I find it quite hard to find the time often to watch a DVD. There might be a movie that has come out that I really want to watch. Having the ability to watch a DVD on the iPad really allows you to make good use of your time. For example travelling to work on the bus or train, or any spare time that you might have during the day you can just sit back, put on some head phones and have some relaxation time while you watch a DVD on your iPad. It's a great way I find to have a little break during the day. In a typical day for me, there is very little time at the end of the day to relax in front of the TV, so I find watching a DVD on my iPad at a time that fits into my day a great convenient solution.

When looking for DVD to iPad converter software, there are three important things to bear in mind:

  1. The most important point, is ease of use. Some products may be offered for a ridiculously low price but require a lot of knowledge of video formats, codecs etc.

  2. Ease of installation. Ideally you want a product that you can download instantly while having the option of a hard copy should you want it.

  3. Make sure the software you get is appropriate for your operating system, ie Windows or Mac.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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