iPad Feature: Fast Way to the Top and iPad Notifications


Fast way to the top and iPad Notifications are two great iPad features. Learn how to use them.

iPad tip. In this article, I will be covering two cool iPad features. Fast way to the top and the Notifications center.

Firstly, fast way to the top. This a very simple thing that you can do on your iPad that allows you to speed up what you are doing. It's most handy whenever you are using Safari when you are browsing web pages or when going through your email inbox. I will use the Mail app as an example here. If you go now to your Mail app and open it up, if you are anything like me, you will have many messages in your inbox! If you now scroll down through them and you want to return to the top, then you can do so with one easy tap rather than scrolling all the way back up. This is done quite simply by tapping the black area above where your inbox is displayed. In this example, the spot to touch is just next to the internet connection symbol in the upper left of the screen. Touch it now and see for yourself!

Secondly, I now go through another cool iPad feature, the Notification Center. This is one feature that does require fiddling with to really get a good feel of what it can do, however I will cover a few basics to get you started. It is important that you have the latest update on your iPad to make use of this feature. iOS 5.0 or later is required here. If you now go into Settings, third from the top should say Notifications. What this does is it shows you the collection of apps that have notifications on them. You can touch each individual app to change the notification options. Some of them use notifications to advertise, whereas others give good information. The way that I find works best for me is to have my Calendar and my Mail selected for notification. Now, the way to use it is clever. At any time you are using your iPad, regardless of what app you are in, you can touch the screen at the top where the time is displayed and slide your finger down. This will display your notifications. In my case, with my Calendar and Mail set up, so it shows recent emails and Calendar entries for today.

Today's article gave a quick summary of two great iPad features. Fast way to the top and Notifications. I will have some more great tips for you to read about soon.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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