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Learn some weird iPad features.

Cool iPad tip. In this article, we will be exploring accessibility options on the iPad. In case you are familiar with what accessibility options are, primarily they are aimed at people with a physical disability. For example, large text can be selected for people who have difficulty reading small print. Some of the accessibility options can be quite useful for those of us without a physical disability. In this article I will explore a couple of these.

The first thing we are going to look at today is called white on black. What we do is we go to Settings - General - Accessibility this is found near the bottom of the screen so scroll down to it. Once in Accessibility, touch White on Black and set it to ON. You will see that the whole screen goes quite dark and the letters are now in fact white. Apart from looking a little different and unusual, I do actually use this feature myself from time to time because it can be quite handy. The main use that I find for it is when it is late at night and you are in bed, the room is dark and you are reading something or in fact using any feature on your iPad, everything on the screen is significantly darker. I combine this with dimming of the screen by turning the brightness right down and I find that I can sit in bed and read or do whatever I am doing on my iPad and it doesn't disturb my wife who is asleep next to me. Ok, so that's White on Black. Have a bit of a fiddle with that, touch the Home Screen button and look at your apps, they all look a little different!

While we are on the topic of Accessibility, the next interesting feature I want to look at is called VoiceOver. Default setting is Off. Go now to Settings - General - Accessibility and select VoiceOver to On. You will see that things start to work a little bit differently now. You can't scroll like you are used to, you now must use three fingers. One touch will no longer be enough to select an option, you must now double touch since the first touch will now read to you out loud what it is you are touching! To switch this feature off now, be sure to double tap the On/Off toggle for VoiceOver.

This article briefly cover some features of Accessibility on the iPad. I have written a series of articles on cool iPad stuff, so be sure to check them out.

Enjoy your iPad.

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