Watch DVDs on iPad. Kids Love It! Great for ROAD TRIPS.


iPad is a great DVD player for a road trip. No need to carry DVDs with you!

The iPad is very useful on a road trip.

Two years ago, my wife an I took the kids on a fairly long holiday and we didn't have an iPad back then, we took a DVD player. It worked fine but one problem that we had was that firstly we had to carry around lots of DVDs and secondly, every time the kids wanted to watch something different, we had to pull out the disk, grab another one, search for the disk they want, stick it into the DVD player. The DVD player was fairly bulky and it needed a car charger. I can certainly say that it was a big inconvenience given that we had to carry the DVDs with us and swap them over manually all the time, sometimes having to pull over to make it all happen. Making matters worse was that several of our DVDs became scratched and were rendered useless. Kids, let alone adults, have very little patience or understanding when their favorite DVD stops suddenly in the middle of the show!

Last year, however, we went on a holiday and we brought an iPad with us instead. We planned to bring it so that we could use the internet while travelling. A friend of ours suggested we buy software to convert DVDs to iPad format. We bought DVD to iPad conversion software and we managed to put thirty DVDs on the iPad, yes THIRTY! This was fantastic, the kids watched DVDs in the car while we were driving, they could swap from one DVD to another, they had total control. Not to mention the fact that we didn't need to carry a whole stack of DVDs for them to watch! We simply loaded them all onto the iPad using our home computer before we left. We even loaded several DVDs for us too, this was great in the evenings once the kids were asleep, we could lie in bed and watch our own movies rather than the ones on television. The convenience was just incredible, and our bags are now a little lighter when we travel and also considerably less bulky. As for our portable DVD player, well, it's a good door stop now!

We now have two iPads both packed full of movies. We all love watching movies. There is no way would be without the iPads when going on a road trip, They are the first thing we pack!

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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