The Key To Using Safari on Your iPad.

Part 3.


Get more from Safari on you iPad. Learn how to use bookmarks and creating an app on your Home Screen that takes you straight to a web page!

iPad tips and tricks. This article will be covering some more great features of Safari on your iPad. It can be frustrating to visit a website and then not remember the site's address when you want to go back to it! Bookmarking solves this problem and on the iPad it is very simple. Another great way to keep track of a site is to save it to your Home Screen! We will  cover how to do both of these things.

Firstly, bookmarking. Whenever you are browsing websites on Safari, you have the option to bookmark a site. This is how it is done. Open Safari and enter a website address. Now tap the symbol at the top of the screen that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. There is an option here to bookmark the site. Select Add Bookmark. You will now be asked to enter a name for the bookmark. The website address is written just below. There is also another option in the open box that says "bookmark". Tapping this will give you options on where to save your bookmark. You can create folders here which can be really handy when you are visiting a lot of different sites as you plan a holiday for example. The option that I find most handy is the bookmarks bar folder. Save into this folder means that the bookmark will be visible always when using Safari. To make the bookmarks bar visible, go to Settings - Safari and then set "Always show bookmarks bar" to ON. Now go back to Safari and you will see a bookmarks bar across the top of the screen.

Another great way to save a website for easy viewing later is to save the website to the Home Screen. What happens here is that essentially an app is created that will open Safari on the website that you wanted. Here is how this is done. Open Safari and visit a website. Now touch the box with the arrow coming out of it. Select "Add to Home Screen". A small box appears and prompts you to name the icon that will appear on your Home Screen.  If you now leave Safari, you will see the icon. You can move it anywhere you wish, just like a regular app. One great thing that you can do here is to create a folder on your Home Screen and place all the related icons into one folder.

We have covered bookmarking and saving to Home Screen. Two great features of Safari on iPad. Stay tuned for the next part of this series of articles covering using Safari.

Enjoy your iPad.

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