The Key To Using Safari on Your iPad.

Part 2.


Part 2 of this series explores some more great ways to use Safari on you iPad. Including the Double Tap! Read on!

iPad tips and tricks. In this article, we will be covering some more great ways to use Safari on your iPad including saving images, double tapping and link sharing.

Okay, lets get straight to it. The first thing that I will cover today is saving images from a web page. Firstly, open Safari and go to a webpage that has a picture on it that you wish to save. Now, if you touch the image and hold your finger on it, a box with options will appear.  One of these options will be Save Image. If you tap this now, then a copy of this picture will be saved in your Photos app. Alternatively, you can Copy the image, then paste it into another app. Once an image is saved into your Photos app, it can be opened from within the Photos app and shared by email, twitter etc.

The next feature of Safari that I will be covering is the double tap feature. This feature is one of my favourites within Safari because it is so simple, yet so useful. Go now into Safari and open a web page. Often we will see columns of writing on a web page, particularly if we are reading news, recipes or doing some research.  If you double tap a column, then Safari will widen the column to fit the width of your iPad's screen. You can then read in a much more user friendly format. Once you are ready for the screen to return to normal, simply double tap the column again. Try this on images too!

Now for link sharing. Link sharing is very easy on the iPad when using Safari. You may already have noticed that next to the long white rectangular box where your web address goes is a small box with an arrow coming out of it. It is found just to the left. Touch this and you will see many options appear. The most handy one for link sharing is "Mail Link to this Page". Touching this will now allow you mail the link to this webpage to anyone you choose. This of course assumes that you have email setup on your iPad. You will also get some other options. The other common link sharing option is Tweet. This will only appear if you have Twitter setup on your iPad.

In this article, we have covered how to save images, double tapping and sharing links. Stay tuned for part 3 of  "The Key to using Safari on Your iPad".

Enjoy your iPad.

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