The Key To Using Safari on Your iPad - Part 1


Learn how to use features of Safari on your iPad that most people have no idea about!

This article is part 1 of using Safari on your iPad. In case you have not used Safari before, it is the default web browser that comes with your iPad. This is the app that you use to visit webpages. We will go through some great tips and tricks on using Safari on your iPad.

Okay, lets get started. Firstly, tap the Safari app to open it. Right at the top of the screen you will see the long white rectangular box where you enter a web address. The first cool trick I will show you is a shortcut. If you are entering a web address that ends with .com then you can leave out the .com entirely and also the www. at the front. For example to go to all you have to do is enter apple and the rest will be taken care of by Safari on your iPad.

If the website that you are visiting is not a .com website, then Safari will still provide a little shortcut to get to the site. For example, if you went to then all you need to write is apple then touch and hold the .com key on your keyboard just to the right of the space bar. A box will appear with several commonly used suffixes. Simply slide your finger to .net then let go. Safari will now take you to

Here's another great Safari tip. Opening links. So now you have opened a web site and you want to open a link. On a regular computer you would click it with a mouse, on the iPad you simply touch it. If, however, you touch and hold, you will get some more options. The first option is to simply open the page. The second is to open in a new tab. Opening in a new tab is great if you don't want to lose the page you were just on. For example you may have a page of google search results and you want to check out each result and still have the search results page to refer to. In this case, you can open each link in a new tab. The google results page will remain in its own tab.

This concludes part 1 of "The Key to using Safari on your iPad". I hope you got a lot out of it. Be sure to check out part 2.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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