Secret, Hidden iPad Keys!


Find the Hidden iPad Keys on the split keyboard.

Today's iPad cool tip is as follows: its about using the split keyboard. If you haven't seen the split keyboard, we will go have a look now. It's quite simple, go to Settings - General - Keyboard then you will see the split keyboard option. Select this now to ON, the default setting is OFF. Now that this is switched on we can go take a look at this feature. Press the Home Screen button now. To use is feature, we need to open an app that uses the keyboard. For the sake of this example, I will use Safari. You can of course use any other app that uses the keyboard.

Some people love the split keyboard, others hate but here it goes.
Your keyboard will be split into two sections on the left and the right of the iPad screen. Simply touch an area on the iPad that will give you the keyboard. For this example, I am using the search box in Safari. You should now see the split keyboard on the left and right of the screen. You will find that the keys are somewhat smaller than the conventional keyboard, this is to allow more of the iPad screen to be viewable when writing.

I will now show you a really cool trick that uses this keyboard. Along the top of the keyboard working from left to right you will see the letters q w e r t, what those keys do is obvious, however if you touch just to the right of the t key, you will notice that you will get the letter y and on the right keyboard a similar thing happens, you get the letter t if you touch next to the letter y. Basically what is going on here is that the last letters of each side are transposed invisibly to the other side. This feature exists purely to allow the user to type just a little bit faster.

So for those of you who like to use the iPad keyboard in a little bit of a different way to the norm. The cool iPad stuff tip of the day is simply to try the split keyboard and some of it's hidden features, including the letters t y g h v  and b hiding just next to the iPad's split keyboard.

I hope you found today's iPad tip useful and as always,

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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