How To Use Photo Streaming On Your iPad.


Using Photo Streaming is easy. Learn how.

Hi there. In today's article, we are going to be talking about how to use photo streaming.
Photo streaming is a very handy feature on the iPad and it works as part of iCloud. I will
talk today about how to use photo streaming by way of an example. This example is a very
common way of using photo streaming.
To start off, those of you with both an iPhone and an iPad, or indeed an iPod touch and a
iPad you will find this feature really handy. What happens, is that on a typical day you
might be out and about with your iPhone or iPod touch, taking photos of family, friends or
interesting sites or whatever you might be doing. When you get home or at any time when
both your iPad and iPhone/iPod are both in the same WIFI zone, if you have iCloud set up
on your devices ( this is very simple, just go into settings and iCloud and set up an iCloud
account ) then what will happen is that all the photos that you took during the day will
automatically be transferred onto your iPad. To make this happen, all that needs to be set
up is switching on the photo streaming option within the iCloud menu. Do this on both
devices that you want to share photos.
Having photos appearing on your iPad automatically is a very handy feature. You can be
emailing people at the end of the day or maybe you are on facebook, either way, all of your
photos are immediately available for use while you are working on your iPad. For me, I find
this most handy when I am using a journal app. I simply write about the day and add
photos along the way without worrying about transferring photos and fiddling around to get
them to appear where and when I want, they are all easily accessible while using my iPad.
Okay, a quick recap. First you must activate iCloud on both your iPad and iPhone or iPod
touch. Do this by going into settings then touch iCloud. While in the iCloud menu, activate
photo streaming. Do this on both iDevices. To view photos once they have been
transferred, simply touch the photos app on your iPad and you will see a tab labelled photo
streaming. All the shared photos will appear here.

I'm sure you will find this feature very useful.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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