How To Use Multitasking Gestures On Your iPad.


Using Multitasking Gestures is easy. Learn how.

Hi there. Today's iPad tip of the day article is all about "Multitasking Gestures". What are Multitasking Gestures you ask? Multitasking Gestures are a really cool way to use the apps on your iPad. In fact, using Multitasking Gestures, you can do things like lock your screen rotation, adjust the brightness and play music and even adjust the volume all without even touching a single button.

This is how it goes.

Firstly, you must activate Multitasking Gestures. To do this, you go into Settings then select General then scroll down until you see Multitasking Gestures and make sure that it is selected to ON. Now lets go back to the Home Screen. Actually, just before you do that, we can right now use one of the Multitasking Gestures to go to the Home screen. Do this: Put all five fingers on the screen at once and then move together to a point. This will take you straight to the Home Screen. This can be done any time you want to go back to the Home Screen.

The next cool thing that you can do is this: Put four or five fingers on the iPad screen right now and slide up. You will now see the recently used apps along the bottom. Touching any of these apps now will open them. But, now, just before we open them, we are going to do something else. Touch the recently used app area and slide your finger to the right so that you are looking at something that is off to the left of the screen. Ok, right now you will see a screen lock control, a brightness control, the play button along with skipping forward and back buttons, volume control and also the Music app. It is very handy to know that this is always there anytime you want to play music. For those of you with an iPhone, there is a similar display.

The handiness of all this doesn't just end there. Now put four fingers on the screen, slide up and then select a recently used app. Ok, now that you have opened the app, you can change between your recently used apps simply by sliding left or right using four fingers. Try this now.

Multitasking Gestures are very handy. Once you start using them more and more they become a fast and instinctive way to navigate through your iPad.

I'm sure you will find this feature very useful.

Enjoy your iPad.

Piers WalkerPiers Walker

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